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Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone




While travelling is for a variety of reasons, traveling to explore the unknown is an experience that is exhilarating.  Besides being a way to pass time, just the realization there are hundreds of tourist destinations in Africa, should be enough to awaken the explorer in you.

Over the years it has become quite normal for a guy to travel solo, on the other hand the female lone traveler isn’t as common and evokes worry.

Clearly society perceives solo female travelers as easy preys, species who could easily be in danger.

Nowadays the ladies are taking the plunge into the world of the lone traveler, we salute them and offer them a few safety tips below.

Dressing up

The way you dress creates your first impression; things always go right when you come off as smart and confident.

A hint of weakness could make you a target when traveling, dressing provocatively or extravagant could create an experience you would like to forget.

Dress for the occasion, when in Rome dress like the Romans; when visiting a conservative place observe the people, you wouldn’t like to be the only one wearing a bikini at the beach.

Blending in with the locals when visiting metropolitan areas, dress comfortably with light attires. If your trip involves a lot of exploring on foot, wear comfortable flats, loafers or sneakers.

Engage Yourself

While what you wear my might be your first impression, how you engage and communicate with those around you completes the picture.

Make your mark in certain places; engage people around in conversations so your absence will be noticed in places near your hotel, tour bus and campground.

Also stay connected with friends and family online; make use of apps like whatsapp and BBM to check in.

Move on, don’t over indulge

While it’s good to engage people around, you should avoid getting too comfortable with strangers. If possible create the impression you are in town with a friend but had to split up. Avoid exchanging personal information when making calls in open places; you never know who is listening in.

Don’t over indulge men; you might need to buy a fake wedding ring to fend off guys you are not interested in. The ring helps create the perception you are not traveling alone and your hubby just might be in the neighborhood.

Avoid being Alone

The idea is traveling alone, clearly there will be times you are going to be alone, however there are sometimes you should avoid being alone.

When walking alone down a road at night, try pairing up with other ladies along that route while striking up conversations. While exploring you might find yourself in a shady place or just feel uncomfortable in a room, get creative in exiting, for example you could invent a fake important call you need to take outside.

Stay Safe

During your trip make sure you never let your guard down, avoid accepting drinks from even acquaintances. It’s quite common with predators to slip a pill into the drink of a girl who they define as alone. Even at that if you must drink, never get drunk.

Keep in mind these few tips and your trip will be fun, safe and an experience worth remembering.




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