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A marriage counsellor, Mrs. Little Mary Onuh has urged couples ‘to fight’ and save their marriage from the plots of the enemies.

Onuh who was a guest speaker at the just concluded couples’ conference organised by Covenant Marriage Counsellors in Lagos last weekend, stressed the need for couples to eschew anger and bitterness in their relationship.

She maintained that couples must learn to forgive, appreciate and endure one another and know what his/her spouse likes and what to apply in placating each other.

The advocate of authentic love decried the unhealthy interventions and interjections of relatives and friends in the affairs of couples, adding that the meddlesomeness of other parties remains an unwanted incursion to homes and marriages.

The conveners of the couples’ conference, Pastor Joseph and Pastor (Mrs) Shalom Okonmah opined that the home is the nucleus of the society and should be jealously guided. “The more we have failed marriages, the more it is hurting the societal fabric and cohesion. The sanctity of marriages must be protected, at all cost,” they said.

Participants lauded the organisers as they look forward to the next edition in the first quarter of 2017.

One of the participants, Pastor (Mrs) Frank Oluwadelemi, noted that the conference was very impactful and the resource persons were very resourceful and competent. “It is the expectations of the participants that there could be many of such marriage advisors and counsellors in order to salvage homes which are on verge of collapse,” he said.

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