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Enugu is the capital of Enugu State in Nigeria. It’s an exciting place with admirable historical sites, and wonderful cultural and local attractions. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 6 reasons to visit Enugu as soon as you can.

Mmanwu Festival

This festival takes place in November and features different masquerades that each have a name. It’s a vibrant parade of carnival-like masquerades accompanied by traditional music and is supported by the Enugu Council of Arts and Culture. It’s held in the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium. The festival typically highlights African culture and traditions and has been witnessed by notable figures like Diana, the Princess of Wales.

Nike Lake Resort

The resort is a relaxing getaway located on the banks of the Nike Lake in Nike town, which is close to the local airport and not too far away from the Enugu metropolis. The resort is ideal for leisure and relaxation, private parties, weddings and banquets, and it offers luxury accommodation and a nice getaway for guests. It’s managed by the famous African Sun Hotels.

Iheneke Lake

It’s a tropical lake that offers a lovely relaxation spot for visitors. It’s a nice place for reflecting and unwinding. The lake has maximum density during the warmest season and during the rainy season, the lake cools and cools further as harmattan advances. It’s indeed a lovely place to explore for lovers of nature.

Akuke-Atakwu Beach

Indigenes are proud of this natural attraction. They boast of its landscape being unique and of it being a beautiful place to relax and unwind. However, this destination is more of a beautiful river landscape than an actual conventional beach. Nevertheless, the indigenes are proud of it and it’s definitely a place to get a feel of when in Enugu and another reason to visit the state.

Ezeagu Tourist Complex

It’s a sight to behold. It’s basically a concentration of natural attractions in one location with much to explore. It has a three kilometer cave that stretches far into the darkness, which some might find scary and others exciting and adventurous. Flowing out of the cave is a natural stream which at some point actually has a warm and cold spot where tourists can feel the difference. It’s really a sight to behold.

Other Attractions…

Other attractions to explore in the beautiful coal city state and thus more reasons to visit the state include Ugwueme/Udi Hills, Ani Ozalla Lake, Enugu Golf Course, Africa Princess Resort etc. So, you see there’s much to explore and something for everyone, just ensure you do your research well and use an efficient online travel agency to help maximize your travel experience.

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