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5 Interesting things about Benin city




Benin City is the stunning capital of Edo state. It’s the center of Nigeria’s rubber industry and processing palm nuts for oil is also an important traditional industry there. There many interesting things to explore in this historic and cultural city. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 interesting things about Benin City.

The Royal Oba’s Palace

Really, what’s more interesting than a palace? In truth, no vacation or visit to Benin City is complete without a visit to this cultural and historical splendor. The Royal Oba’s Palace is at the heart of the city and a repository of Benin crafts. It’s really a cultural and historic ‘goldmine’ with interesting ancient adornments and ornaments that are sincerely a delight to explore.

The Benin Moat

You’ve probably heard this name once or twice and wondered what exactly it was. The Benin Moat also known as ‘Iya’ is one of the largest man made earthwork in the world. The Benin Moat was actually used as a defensive fortification for the Ancient Benin City and its archaeology is recognized as something that is indeed admirable. However, the monument has in recent times been described as a ‘neglected monument in search of a rescuer’. Nevertheless, it’s still a truly interesting feature of the city and a testament to the ingenuity and engineering acumen of the old Benin Kingdom.

Igun-Eronmwon Quarters

It’s also called Igun Street and is listed as a Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. The quarters is home to brass/bronze casting industries in Benin City and gives an opportunity to witness bronze casting in its various stages and buy any piece of your choice. It’s the home guild of Benin Bronze casters with various popular bronze works of kings, queens, other notable royalties and other artistic motif to explore.

Igue Festival

This is the most popular festival in the city and is where the Oba celebrates the history and culture of his people as he blesses the land and the people. The festival is typically celebrated at a time between Christmas and New year and it involves traditional dances, a mock battle and a procession to the palace to reaffirm loyalty to and respect for the Oba. The festival is typically an annual cycle of rituals and rites, and is used as a platform by the Edo people to display their rich culture and tradition.

Revelation Tourist Palazzo

A place with an interesting name indeed; the palazzo has been described as a place the history of Nigeria comes alive and for cultural enthusiasts is ‘the heartbeat of culture in Nigeria’. It’s a privately owned museum and tourist center put together by music maestro Prof. Victor Uwaifo. There are different exhibition points at this palazzo and each one extensively treats a specific subject, from music to culture, telling different sides of the Binis. It’s an educative and culturally enriching site to explore.

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