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My wealth is a sign of success– Shina Rambo



Shina Rambo is a member of Davido’s HKN Gang. In this interview with our REPORTER,  he speaks on his music, love life and relationship with Davido.
As an artiste, what would you say is your level presently?
I would say it is a story of a mega star on point.
Everything seems to be working for the HKN Gang, what is the secret?
It is the energy, faith and will to move forward. It is about having a taste of both worlds. Experiencing the American culture and that of Nigeria and then fusing them to make good music.
Who takes the glory for what the HKN Gang is today?
First, God, and Mo’Hits. They taught us all we know in the music industry today. We looked up to them for years and they finally told us to come back to Nigeria and blow.
To what extent is the money rolling in, because all you preach is wealth?
The money that is rolling in can be measured from what you see on us. The Rolex, and 18-carat necklace, we are trying.
Why is your gang always eager to show off material things?
Wealth is a sign of success, money is the sign of success and when money is rolling in it means that your company is thriving. I am not the type to flaunt money, but when you work hard you treat yourself to nice things.
Is the gang satisfied with where it is presently or is there any expansion plan?
Obviously, we are doing a lot of international work now. We are not just focused on music. We are into energy as well. If you know my family, we are into power plants also and that is where we are looking at expanding to. For now, however, we are focused on music.
There were rumours of fighting between the cousins, what was the cause of the fight?
We are cousins, we are brothers and we might fight. We fight; if you don’t fight it is not real. We have had our differences in the past, but right now everything is glittering.
Are you saying all your differences have been settled?
There has never been an issue. Families fight and they come back together to make up.
At a point you were shuttling between Nigeria and America; have you settled down here?
We are now based here, but when you are on tour you have to travel a lot. I have been on tour with Davido for the past two and half years. I am not the only one who has been with him; B-Red and the two new members who just joined HKN were with him.
Danago is really doing well, how did the gang spot him?
It is crazy because Danago’s father was a friend of our parents and our pastor in America. Before we moved to Nigeria, we used to play the musical instruments in his church and before you knew it we became good friends and he stayed with us. We liked his attitude, we liked his swag, he is a humble guy and we just thought, why not give him a shot? Why not bless him?
What is your relationship like with Davido?
He is my cousin, but above all he is my boss. He is somebody I look up to musically. He is a sharing person and not like a lot of people who do not love to share their success. It is a lot to have an artiste on your label. If you have an artiste on your label then it means you love him because you have to do everything for him. So, Davido and I are always in the studio every day together; we don’t particularly live together, but we reside close and we do everything together.  
Do you do women together?
Not women.
What is your fashion philosophy?
Dress comfortably and dress for success.
As a cute guy, how often do ladies throw themselves at you?
If you are a celebrity and cute you have to be humble and focused on your project.
What is your ideal woman like?
Intelligent, beautiful and a woman who has something going on for herself. Not one who would depend on me for everything.
Have you found that person?
I think so.
Would you tell us her name?
For obvious reasons, I wouldn’t want to say her name, but if you know me and you follow me on social media then you would know who that person is.
How did you guys meet?
We met through my sister. We actually met in Nigeria in 2007, but then she brushed me off. I was a small boy at that point.
Was it because the money was not there then?
 I don’t know, but maybe my swag was not enough then.
Sometime back, you shared pictures of you and your woman when she graduated from school; was that a publicity stunt?
No it wasn’t. I don’t think any relationship should be kept undercover as long as you both respect each other’s privacy. As much as our music is in the public eye, we still have our lives, and so you have to respect it.
Where is the relationship headed?
I would leave that for me to know and for you to see or find out.


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