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Music Saved Me From Depression, Alcoholism, Suicide–Gabiro Mtu Necessary



At most if not all the time when the issue of mental health enters a family’s life they try to get it hidden mainly because it is seen as shame and disgrace to the family unit.

Even after losing his friends to crime, alcohol, depression, and suicide – while he dropped out of campus in his third year, Gabiro Mtu Necessary was still into all these and many other illegal activities that he clearly knew would lead him to prison or to the extreme point; his grave.

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“Mental health was just never a topic of conversation where I grew up in the sub-urban areas of Kibos, Kisumu, where my parents raised my two brothers, two sister and I. My parents built the perfect foundation to raise a family and I grew up with the love and support any kid would dream about. But when it came sports and music my parents were never my number one fans,” Gabiro narrates.

Having broken all these barriers and turning his parents his number one fans especially his late father who died in 2019 while the two were starting an entertainment unit under his enterprise; Jodifa he is definitely a force to reckon with.

During this time is when they managed to release songs like International Local, Bad Girl Loving and Kus Kus all that brought Gabiro in front of a worldwide audience.

Mtu Necessary as he is known to many has since proven once more than twice that impossible should never be in anyone’s vocabulary and this has brew confidence and hope among his peers like Asen B who has been mentoring and supporting for more than a year. Asen B and Gabiro released a collaborative mini album “MPITO” in 2020 that has more than 500,000 total digital streams.

Starting out as a traditional Ohangla band member back in 2013 with the likes of Freddy Jakadongo and the late Abenny Jachiga, Mtu Necessary drew his earliest inspirations from the likes of Octopizzo, Lucky Dube, Khuli Chana, Juliani and a host of others. He grew up listening to reggae and hiphop music which was influenced by his late father who was a Lucky Dube and Chronixx die hard.

Young and inspiring, he is steadily building a reputation for Kisumu’s best lyricist while sharing his personal struggles through his art.

I would also highlight more on this by saying that currently Gabiro Mtu Necessary is the only Kisumu based artist that has already been verified on Facebook and Instagram with thousands of followers and great engagement.

From working as a matatu tout to battling drug abuse, Gabiro’s ability to tell stories separates him from rap music ‘status quo’.

Gabiro is not your ordinary musician as is evident with every release he puts out – his latest release “Isabella” showing more proof that he is the best lyricist and story teller to ever come out of the lakeside city of Kisumu. He has extremely outdone himself in this classical Benga tune produced by Blakangel and Chuma Sound. It is clearly evident that Mtu Necessary is more of a singer than a rapper than we ever imagined.

Over this soundtrack, Mtu Necessary reflects on his village love interest Isabella who gets an opportunity to go and work in the city. Shot in the lakeside city of Kisumu Isabella gives us a clear picture of how our ambitions can hinder us from loving the ones we choose.

Most notable elements of this new release are the addictive melodies on the track that gets the listener asking for more.

“Isabella naogopa unasepa, Isabella ya kwetu kumbuka?” he croons. “Isabella, ningekuwa na pesa ningekupa Duka Ju unaenda njoo tuseti moja uketi chini ukivuta Oh mama kabla ukwende nipe busu nitakumbuka,Nipe tena, nikilala usingizi usiku naota,I’m stricken I can’t deny Ukarimu wako ndo unakupa sifa…And am stuck here for life, I can’t move you are my ride or die.” Gabiro

Watch Isabella :

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