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Men have not ruled the music industry well – Singer Floxy



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Following her recent experiences in the music industry, singer Floxy has come out to say the males folks who control the better part of the Nigerian Music Industry have done well so far in seeing that the industry keeps growing but frowned at the no-sex-no-gain some of them have attached to themselves.

According to Floxy, who believes things could have been different if not for this scourge that is eating deep into the entertainment industry on daily bases, some people have refused to play her songs and songs she was featured on because she turned them down.

“It is so pathetic down here and I used to think this happens only in the movie sector, but I was wrong. Some people have come into the music industry because of the enormous sexual gains in it.

Some are specialists in sleeping with clueless ladies who believe they can make it overnight by giving their bodies to these men.

Even when you pay for a service, they still don’t want to execute it probably because they need your attention and many good female artistes are backing out of the game because of this.”

Floxy then called on the ladies to support their fellows in industry especially by not letting them fall into the hands of these men who are mostly their colleagues in the office.

“Another problem comes from our nature as females, we are jealous and mostly would love to see another experience the same hardship or pain we saw, even when there is an easy shortcut to avoid it.

We can help one another in confronting these guys and make them stop this act because at the end of the day, it boils down to having just few courageous ladies who are ready to go all the way in the industry while the men keep swelling in their numbers.

I mean no disrespect to the male folks because I have seen some of them who are like God-sent angels when you work with them, but to those damaging the reputations of these angels, it’s time to change.

They have damaged the reign of men in the industry and I know that soon, we will have good female producers, mangers, DJs, OAPs and the rest of them taking charge; maybe then, we can show what an ideal music industry is supposed to look like.” she said.

Floxy’s last single was ‘Are you ready’, a track that was released early this year and sinced then, her status in the industry has changed.

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