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Meet the Electrical Engineer who is Mr Universe Nigeria Top Model



Male pageantry is the last place you are expected to see an Electrical Engineer, but Rume Dominic is not letting societal pressures derail his dreams. Just last year, he took part in the Mr Universe Nigeria Top Model competition and he won. In this Chat with Hazeez Balogun, he answers why modeling and even acting is top on his mind.
How did it feel like being named Mr Universe Nigeria Top Model?
I felt good and fulfilled. When I was announced as the winner, I had that feeling of ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’. It is a good feeling. I had always believed that I could win, I was well prepared.
What are you going to do with this new found status?
Firstly, this win will definitely help promote my career as a model. I am sure I will get more jobs in months to come. I also believe that with this position I can help my society and mankind as a whole. As Mr Universe Nigeria Top Model, I can also help young aspiring models who are trying to break into the industry but are finding it hard. I also want to go to orphanages to help out those without parents.
What is the next step for you now?
I want to go international. I am going for a show this month in Dallas Texas. I am going for an African cultural show. I know that there are many opportunities abound across the world, and there are people I can inspire. I want to project the image of the place I am coming from.
What were you doing before the competition?
Surprisingly, it was not long that I joined the modelling world. In fact, I used to work at MTN as an electrical engineer. I finished at Covenant University.
Did you resign to take part in the competition?
No, I resigned because I wanted to further my studies. I am doing my Masters in engineering management. I will also be doing some courses in Australia. I would be going there in two or three months.
That is really inspiring, there is a notion that those going into such competitions are people who did not do well in school, how would you advice young people who would like to be in your shoes?
I would advise that they should stay true to their talents and they should not give up on their dreams. Because of the general mindset that models are never-do-wells, they should not give in to people dissuading them. I faced a lot of challenges myself. Family and friends say that I have a good job and a good degree, why do I want to trade all that for modelling? But they did not understand my dream and what I want for myself. Wining this competition to me was an assurance that I am on the right part.
Many models in Nigeria are now turning to acting, are you going to do that as well?
That is an interesting question. Believe it or not, I am already on the set of a movie. I still have one or two scenes to go. I think it is part of the package when you decide to be a model. I was approached just after winning the competition and was asked if I would like to feature in a movie, how would I say no. The next thing you know, I am already acting. So I can add ‘actor’ to my CV now.


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