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Epic Response: Uche Jumbo Gets More Bashing****Read Hillarious Comments





Actress, Uche Jumbo might have given internet trolls who criticized her for being overweight the right response, but the criticism continues.


Reacting to critics who feel she is now over weight, Jumbo said “This is the body. I love it, deal with it. Now let us go and worry about more important things like when is the fuel situation going to be over?


Interestingly, the response has not helped matters, as comments are flying in front left, right and center.


Read some of the comments below. These comments do not reflect the opinions of



All this is just for show. can she honestly tell us she wasnt freaking out and crying when she tried to wear her regular size clothes? She has added too much weight since baby matthew. We love you uche but its time to hit the gym, NO EXCUSES


Lol good one Uche…but don’t also forget that u are married to white they dont actually fancy corpulent gals


But truth be told she look so short and roborst on DAT outfit.anyway waiting be my own.


Must you always respond to comments? But if your hubby is cool with your size, no problem. But don’t forget that side chick dey around the corner eyeing.



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