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Life saving facts you should know



Life sometimes throws sudden and unexpected situations at us, therefore, it’s important to have some basic knowledge at hand to help deal with these situations. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 life saving facts you should know.

The Limits of the Human Body Tend to Follow a “Rule of 3”

This means people can generally go three minutes without air, three hours without shelter in extreme weather conditions, three days without water and three weeks without food. However, this can change from person to person depending on one’s body. Nevertheless, it’s important to know these vital limits of the human body because you never know when you might need it.

If Cooking Oil Catches Fire, Turn off The Burner and Cover the Pot

Never be so careless with cooking oil that it reaches the point of catching fire, nevertheless if it does happen, you shouldn’t use water to put off grease fires. The water molecules will sink to the bottom of the hot pan, evaporate instantly and shoot the flames even higher. Therefore, the best way to put out an oil fire is cut the heat (by turning off the burner) and taking away the oxygen (by covering the pot).

If You Get Hurt in a Public Place, Single Out One Person For Help

This is to avoid the by-stander effect, which is a psychological phenomenon in which crowds of people fail to help somebody because they think someone else will intervene. Therefore, if you ever get hurt in public and can call out for help, pick one person (many times, this will be the nearest person) and direct your immediate pleas to them. If you can’t speak, then approach the person and try to let him/her see where you are hurt so they know something is wrong with you. You’ll be more likely to get the help you need.

To Save a Person From Electrocution, Hit the Person With a Big Stick

This might sound funny, but if you see someone else being electrocuted and you’re unable to shut off the source of electricity, try hitting the person hard with a non-conductive object, like a big stick. This can help prevent the person from being fatally electrocuted. The firm whack that you gave the person with the stick can help break the circuit of electricity, and help protect you from being electrocuted in your attempt to save the person

Never Use Water Alone to Put Out an Electrical Fire

This is because water conducts electricity and you can be badly shocked in the process. Try to first cut  off the electricity supply to whatever it is that is on fire and use a class C fire extinguisher to help put out the fire or at least keep it under control before the emergency response team arrives. This is why you must always have a functional fire extinguisher in your home. Considering how useful a fire extinguisher will be to you in the event of a fire, you should never forfeit having this item in your home for any reason whatsoever.

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