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Life-changing experiences every Nigerian visitor should have



While visiting Nigeria, there are certain experiences that any tourist should have. These experiences may not be the most remarkable, but they tend to leave a certain feeling of euphoria in the hearts of those who dare to try them. We, at, Africa’s no.1 online hotel booking portal have selected 5 completely refreshing experiences for anyone on a trip to Nigeria in search for a life-changing encounter with nature.

The smell of the trees and plant life in Ngwo Pine forest

An untamed forest located in the eastern region of the country, Ngwo Pine Forest is famous for its unique array of pine trees. The scent of pine wood and earth pervades the air, trapping one in the glory of nasal bliss. Its serene and peaceful atmosphere further makes it a perfect getaway destination for tourists and indigenes.

An early morning walk through fields of the Obudu mountain

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the whole of Nigeria, Obudu mountain resort is an enclave of romantic beauty. Tourists experience nature at its best when they visit the destination. One of the best things to do is take an early morning walk, preferably alone along the fields of the mountain while luxuriating in the intoxicating scent of morning dew.

Eating local Jollof rice and fried plantain, for the first time,a after a long tour.

It is no secret that Nigeria makes the best Jollof rice in the world. It is not the amount of ingredients used in preparation that makes it peculiar. It is a combination of the aura that pervades the environment and the uniqueness of the traditional recipe passed on from generation to generation.  Tourist who have not tried this delicacy are bound to have an orgasmic experience trying it…especially if it is served piping hot in a local bukka after a long day of touring and washed down with chilled zobo drink.


Listening to the silent rush of the Ikogosi Warm Spring

Located within the Ikogosi Warm Spring resort in Ekiti state, the Ikogosi warm spring is an enthralling site for any visitor. The rhythmic rush of the spring is a lure to visitors who enjoy nature. Best way to experience the beauty of the site is to visit sometime in the evening and listen to the water rush down slippery stones while enjoying a solo picnic and of course, inhaling the sweet scent of nature.

The feeling of “feeling history” at Umuahia war museum

The civil war in Nigeria left a huge scar on the nation, however the display of the artifacts which tell the story tend to raise a feeling of nostalgia in the hearts of visitors, including locals who are fortunate enough to visit the Umuahia war museum and witness firsthand, the relics of the war.  Knowledge gained at the museum ensures that any tourist takes a bit of Nigeria with them before they leave.

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