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How to Make this Valentine her Best Ever: Gifts for Her



Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. Some hate it, some love it, and some don’t even believe in it. Getting her the perfect gift for Valentine’s can be a bit of a chore. Sure, the classic option of lingerie and socks are there, but sometimes, you want something a bit more personal. Something tailored to give that “wow” effect.

Whether you’re spending it with someone new, a long time sweetheart, or you just want to spoil yourself silly on the day, we have figured out the perfect gift for you. In no particular order, check them out below.



They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Add gold, silver, rubies and pearls and we have a perfect family. You can’t go wrong when you buy her jewelries; especially those with bright, sparkling, daring and chunky designs. As long as they’re not cheap knockoffs of original items, it’s likely you’ll get the kind of reaction you want when you present the gift to her.


Most women want to smell nice, so invest in some natural fragrances. From the lingering scent of licorice to the strong whim of cinnamon, jasmine and lavender. A good perfume can be quite expensive though, so be ready to shell out some cash. But not to worry, it’ll pay off. We’re confident of that.


You know that thing they say about Nigerian ladies not appreciating flowers? Well, don’t believe it.

Flowers are romantic, and that is a fact. They can be used to tell your partner exactly how you feel, even without you uttering a word. It would be wise however to make provisions for how the flowers will be stored. We would also advise that you get one of the other items on this list to go with the flower. It’s just better to err on the side of caution with these things you know.

Wrist watches

(Good) Wrist watches can be very classy. Whether she’s going for a minimal look, or she’s attempting to get a collector’s item, the right watch will pair well with anything from bangles to rings. It is however, important to get the type of watch that matches her style.

Plus, she can get to take it with her everywhere she goes, reminding her of you each time she looks at it.


Before we go any further, we think it’s best you know beforehand that lingerie can be quite expensive – even more so if it’s lacey. However, it’s an investment that has proven time and time again to yield returns. Because she knows how expensive they can be, she’s very likely to appreciate it.

It would be wise however that you do some investigating before getting her one. You don’t want to get the wrong size, something that doesn’t compliment her in the right places or something that’s not her taste.

Of course the items listed above are only some of our favourite. There are several other gifts you could get her that we’re sure she’ll appreciate. Just in case you still need a little more inspiration on what to get, you can check online marketplaces in Nigeria like Jumia Market.

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