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Fighting Off Evil on the Astral Plane



When we fall asleep we dream: our dreams take us to all kinds of places and situations in Time and Space in what many refer to as Out of Body Experiences(OBEs). It is the time when our souls leave the comfort – and security – of our physical bodies and roam freely of their own accord.

This dream state is also called the Astral Plane.

The Astral Plane can be a potential minefield for an unprotected soul. It is where spirits of all kinds, good and bad, congregate and where people of ill-intent can launch deadly attacks on unprotected souls.

The soul is very vulnerable on the astral plane and hence the reason to know how to protect it when it’s out there: if your soul is harmed or killed on the astral plane it’ll affect the physical body sleeping back at home. How many people go to bed at night, hale and hearty, and don’t wake up in the morning because they would have died during the night? Often medical science will put this down to the victim dying of a cardiac arrest, stroke or some other undisclosed ailment. Perhaps.

The idea that people can be harmed in their sleep is not too farfetched: it is a well-known fact that witches and those who practice black magic attack people in their sleep when they are least conscious. People who have survived such attacks often describe how they were poisoned, beaten up, strangled or shot at in their dreams. They are the lucky ones, others never wake up again.

Whether you like it or not your soul will wander off once you fall asleep and you have no control over where it goes or what it encounters. As a result you have to learn how to protect your soul before it embarks on such journeys.

Many religious organisations, Christian, Muslim and others, insist you pray before you go to bed: this helps enormously with your guardian angels looking after you and the power of God enveloping you and protecting you from all evil.

Another thing is to learn what I call ‘dream control’.

When you’re dreaming you control (- this can often be difficult since you’re semi-conscious) the pace and direction which it goes. Don’t let the dream decide on where it will take you. So if you dream you’re at a party and somebody you don’t like offers you a drink, don’t drink it! It might look like an innocent gesture in a dream but without a doubt it’ll be poisoned and it will kill you. Likewise if you are being pursued by armed men, in your sleep, as I once was, don’t run – face them! In my case a bold stand, a quick prayer and the sign of the cross dispelled them: if you run they’ll have more power over you (- like a bully does, but yet again they are spiritual bullies) and will catch you and harm you. Learning how to control your dreams takes time: you will have to learn how to control your subconscious as if you’re awake, how to be bold in the face of danger and be confident of your abilities.

There are lots of techniques an individual can employ to achieve full ‘dream control’ but the most important thing to remember is that whatever is happening in your dreams is REAL in an ethereal kind of sense: your soul is actually LIVING the events in your dream and whatever action it takes or doesn’t can mean severe repercussions for the sleeping physical body, often life or death. But mostly a few prayers before bed and effective ‘dream control’ can prevent this.

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