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Fela, Tara Durotoye Celebrate Wedding Anniversary



Marriage is not an easy union to be in. For some, it is sweet and for others it is bitter.

Some people blessed the day they walk the isle, while others curse the date till they die.

This is a fact, but it is one which Beauty entrepreneur, Tara Durotoye and her husband, motivational speaker cum author, Fela Durotoye have to worry about.

The duo celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary on Friday, May 12.

Celebrating his wife, Tara, Fela who also celebrated his birthday on the same day wrote this on instagram:


“God gave the earth the Sun to brighten it up.

God gave the world His Son to prove His love for us.

God gave Adam the Garden of Eden for him to nurture it.

God gave Noah an Ark to lift him up in the time of flood.

God gave Moses a Rod to deliver a Nation from bondage.

God gave David a Sling to slay Goliath and solve National crisis.

16 years ago, God gave me TARA to help me fulfil purpose in life.

Baby, you are like my SUN, my GARDEN, my ARK, my ROD, my SLING and with you, I can slay giants, I can path the seas & I can ride on top of wings.


You are my GARDEN, and have helped me to be the best gardner I can be. But most importantly, you BRIGHTEN up my life and help me to see clearly in the dark.


I love you more than life itself. Thank you for the last 16 years, now I look forward to the next 160 years of eternal honeymoon.


Let everyone who loves me, please help me celebrate this AMAZING woman @taradurotoye


God Bless YOU.”


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Do you have a story or gist, call or text 08028138687. You can also mail us at



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