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Fashion Accessories to Pack Whenever you Travel



The fact that you travelling does not mean you should look dishevelled. You can still look good whether you are exploring the Chappal Waddi Mountain in Taraba state or the Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos. This said, there are certain fashion items you can simply pack to match all the items in your suitcase. This will reduce the time you spend in dressing up as well as packing., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 4 essential fashion accessories to pack whenever you travel.


Black leather bag   

Black is a unique colour. It can match any clothes or accessory in your closet. The bag should be well polished and big enough for any occasion whether you are going to the office or picking up some items at the grocery or better still going on a date with your boyfriend.


Gold Bracelet

If you are obsessed with wearing a fashion item on your wrist aside a wrist watch, a gold bracelet is a perfect item for you. Aside making you appear sophisticated, it will boost your personality and confidence.

White Sneakers

For the fashionista, white sneakers may not be an item they may be disposed to but it is stylish especially if you are adorning ripped-jeans. With this, you will make an impressionable statement. White sneakers also have the ability to finish every outfit.

white sneakers

Simple necklace

No matter the make of your necklace whether gold, diamond or silver, if it’s simple, it can match anything you plan on wearing. Plus it does not necessarily have to be the same colour with your dress, shoe or bag.

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