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Amazing things that can only happen in Abuja



Abuja is home to most of Nigeria’s political technocrats. And while the city is largely considered quiet in comparison to its  busy counterpart, Lagos, it is no surprise that a lot of amazing things happen around the city.

For those looking to visit,, Africa’s no.1 online hotel booking site reveals 5 things that you are bound to find uniquely different about the city (especially if you are visiting from other parts of the country), that way you are not alarmed when you see or experience them.

1. N200 cab

Abuja is certainly the only city in the country where you can get a cab for 200 naira! Although the standard of living within the city is generally considered high, transportation is the extremely cheap and affordable. Everyone literally moves around in cabs, even for short distances, which is quite significant considering the smallest fee for cabs in almost every other city in the country in N1,000, even if you do not spend up to 1 hour on the road or the car is up to standard.

2. Flashy cars parked in a sublet

Do not be surprised when you see 5 range rovers and 4 Mercedes cars parked in front of a sublet building with just 4 flats. The people in Abuja love flashy cars and see it as a priority. The average A-B-jan will buy a car while squatting with a friend or even before getting a job.


3. Garden hangouts and party

While there are clubs, lounges and pubs around the city, people in Abuja seem to prefer gardens as their hang out spots. The average native spends the evening not strolling and enjoying the serenity of a garden, but eating Suya or fish and chips with  beer and making merry with friends.


4. Early morning beer

It is not surprising to find men in Abuja drinking beer in gardens or pubs early on a weekday morning, especially in the Wuse 2 area. The city is not fast-paced and most of its inhabitants who mostly come from wealthy family rarely find the urge to hustle as most people in other parts of the country do. Things are pretty much chilled in the city and the people are not afraid to have fun when they want to.

5. Weird sense of humor

It is actually simple, Abuja people are just not the funny sort, like their Warri counterparts, as such most visitors find it hard to ‘get’ their jokes.

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