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Exclusive: Details Of Ailments That Led To Death Of Chief Fatai Olumegbon***How He Managed It For Years




An associate of the late Chief Fatai Olumegbon has revealed how he died.

Speaking exclusively with, he revealed that the last years of Chief Olumegbon on the face of earth were disheartening, as the man suffered in silence, while managing his health.

Our source revealed that contrary to widespread speculations that Chief Olumegbon died of unknown ailments, he had actually been suffering from  acute pile, postrate cancer, and speech impaired stroke for years.

According to the source, these were the likely diseases that could have led to his death.

Our source also clarified that despite widespread speculations that Chief Olumegbon died in Ghana, he actually died in an hospital in Dubai.

Olumegbon passed on in the evening of Sunday, March 24, aged 59.

A Lagos white cap chief and head of Idejo Chieftaincy class.

A former staff of Ojo Local Government, Chief Olumegbon also served as a supervisory councillor during the military era. He was a kingmaker and one of the most prominent of the Lagos white cap chiefs.


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