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Essential travel items for trips around Nigeria





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What is more exciting than boarding a plane bound for some beautiful destination where  popular natural attractions beckon? Travelling around the country is one of life’s most amazing pleasures and, judging by current trends, Nigerians will continue their love affair with adventure.

While keeping your luggage small and simple is the way to go, there are some essential items every passenger should tag along to ensure a comfortable journey.

Thanks to, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal, here’s a checklist of 6 important things needed to make any trip a relaxing experience.

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Quick change of underwear and day-clothes

Most people only carry an extra change of clothing when going on long trips but when what was supposed to be a daycation turns into a week-long charade, that extra knicker will come in handy. Plus with the erratic weather changes, a shirt-soaked through from the rain will not leave you feeling sunny for most part of the journey.

A small notebook and pen

Ideal for those memorable moments when you are handed immigration forms on board an international flight by attendants or given the address to a hotel location so remote that Google Maps goes blank and the phone battery dies.

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Travel toiletries

It’s always a great idea to carry basic toiletries like toothbrushes and lotion in pouch if you’ll be away from home for more than 12hours. Dental decay and flaky skin are real issues! However, note that airlines only allow liquid containers with sizes 100ml or less and stored in transparent bags.

Snack and water

In a place like Lagos, there will always be a place to grab a bite, however at if you’ve got a really early flight, chances of finding something exciting are usually slimmer. A canister filled with water and a few granola bars in the bag can be a lifesaver. 


Personal entertainment

For most people, good playlist is a priority! If reading is more appealing, rather than sitting idle, get lost in a novel. Many transport companies provide some form of entertainment but the options on offer may not be pleasing to listen or watch. So carry a book, phone or computer with a selection of personal movies, shows and music. Works each time!

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