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Dressing right for the rainy season in Nigeria



Dressing right for the rainy season in Nigeria

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There are few things worse than getting caught in the rain without notice. Hopping around in soggy socks, muddy shoes and drenched clothes can put a damper on what should be a bright day.

Although rain can be incredibly challenging to dress for in a country like Nigeria where summer clothing stay in fashion all-year-long, there are tips for getting that simple, smart rainy day look., Africa’s largest hotel booking portal shares nuggets on dressing stress free during the next downpour.

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Keep it sturdy in dark colours 

At this time of the year, wearing white shoes and a trousers may not be the best choice. To stay clean all day, pair darker colours at the bottom with shirts or dresses. Go for black, as it will show little signs of muddy or debris. Long-sleeved outfits and lightweight sweaters in quick-to-dry materials should also be a frequent choice, especially when living in a city like Lagos where the weather turns at the snap of a finger.

Stay dry in longer jackets

Ever been walking in the rain and seen a car splatter water on everyone using the side walk? Upsetting right? Exactly! While the umbrella can fend some of the rain away, it can’t cover everything, so try a jacket for full body protection. Since classic trench coats are not popular in Nigeria, a trendy mid-thigh jacket will shield the body just fine.

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Wear comfortable boots

Traditional rain boots can look a little awkward on the streets of Nigeria especially as rubber does not breathe as well as other materials such as leather and can leave your feet feeling smelly. However, it helps to stick to covered shoe-styles that are short and sleek to keep the feet out of puddles and dry.

Carry the right accessories

If well selected, accessories can be a lifesaver on a wet day. Trade in soft leather handbags for an all-weather nylon-based satchels, invest in a strong umbrella and tone-down the number of metal jewelry to prevent them from rusting quickly.

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