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Eket beach at Night



African beach

Located in the second largest city in Akwa Ibom StateNigeriaEket Beach is top on the list of popular seashores around the country, especially since it gets its origin from the Atlantic Ocean.

Over the years, it has become a huge tourist attraction visited by not only foreigners but locals from neighboring states. And as with most seasides, the beach caters to a large crowd, especially during public holidays or festive seasons.

Going to the beach is typically a daytime activity, but the beach can be just as thrilling at night. Whereas some consider mingling with crowd and in engaging in the daytime activities fun, there a few that enjoy the peace and tranquility of visiting the beach while the sun sets or in the still of the night.

If you are a night crawler and are contemplating a possible visit at night,, Africa’s No 1 online hotel booking portal shares 4 reasons why you should stop hesitating and make the move.


There is nothing as peaceful as a walk on the beach on a beautiful night to clear your head and visiting this beach at night gives you ample opportunity to enjoy its tranquility. Eket Beach is not heavy on nightlife as some other beaches including Elegushi or Elekan beach, so you will not be distracted by loud music or random activities by revelers. The therapeutic sound of the ocean and breeze puts your mind at peace, calming your body and soul.


Find a spot on the beach to sit and drink in the moon, stare into the horizon, or gaze at the beauty and listen to the silent sounds of the sands, waters and perfect waves. The magnificence engorges you with an exquisite feeling of harmony that you most certainly will not get within the confines of your home or by taking a pill. The ‘blood moon’ comes out some nights and usually makes for a picturesque sight which you can capture in film or still pictures.


At this beach, no one is there to ogle at you or judge you. You have the freedom to do what you want without a strange or large audience. You can build pretty sand castles, spin around, dance and skip on the shores, run toward the water and scream off the top of our head…basically do anything you cannot do during the day without people thinking that you are crazy. It is even much more fun when you go with a friend or in a group, you can have an intimate moment with a love, make a bonfire, throw sands at each other, have a late picnic or just do whatever you want…the night lets you own the beach.

Free Pass

Usually, you are charged at the entrance of the beach and also for parking if you arrive in a car. The tariffs are pretty stiff and so you need to plan for it. There is ample parking space next to the beach for free but you will have to get there on time to secure a slot.

While going to Eket beach at night has it perks, it is important to note that after midnight, as with any place in the world, you stand a greater chance of being harassed by idle people than by the beach staff as you never know who or what could be lurking in the shadows. It is always safer to go in a group.

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