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Days After Controversial Statement, Pat Ugwu Comes Under Heavy Attack



Pat Ugwu

It might have been days ago that actress Pat Ugwu made a controversial statement about real men and fake men, but reactions are just coming in.

The actress had implied that real men do one round in bed and go to sleep, while jobless ones hitting it all night long like they are releasing their poverty inside you.

While sharing some sexy pictures, the actress sparked off controversy with her statement, as many who disagreed with her made their opinion known.

Some of her critics wondered how she came to the conclusion when women are known to often frown at men who can’t satisfy their women.

Describing Ugwu as a sex object who’s priority is evaluating men by the rounds they do on bed, critics came for the actress.

Interestingly, the actress is yet to put up any defence to her case, as she has been mute on the issue.

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1 Comment

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