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Bridal shower game ideas for Nigerian ladies



Ladies in Nigeria love fancy things and so, the concept of having a bridal shower before the wedding – a tradition adopted from western culture- has become a norm for every bride-to-be.

Bridal showers are intended to be as much fun as the name suggests, as it is the one party where everyone who knows the bride gets to have a little fun and games. Usually, the maid-of-honor is charged with the task of organizing the event, and so has to come up with the games and general itinerary for the day. This puts a lot of pressure on the maid as she literally determines how interesting or boring the shower would turn out to be.

If you are a maid-of-honor on the hunt for bridal shower game ideas to help you plan the perfect party, don’t sweat it!, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site has compiled a list of top five bridal shower games to help you give everyone a swell time.


Bridal Advice Keys

This game is not only fun, but is very beneficial to the bride to be as she learns a lot from the information shared. It is best played at bridal showers that has the mother-of-the-bride in attendance or others who have had experience in marriage.

To play the game, you need to make keys, possibly cut out key tags from a template gotten from an art store or printed online. Next, cut out circular tags and give each guest one to write a summary of their advice on it. Throughout the game, ask guests to give the bride their best advice and in the end, tie all the keys together for the bride to take home.  It is always best to make categories cover different areas such as living with in-laws, cooking, managing conflict and so on.


I have never…

This is a great game to play at any bridal shower. It is usually a drinking game and so the alcohol eases up every one, making it easy for the conversation to follow without any uptightness. The game is such that every girl in attendance gets to complete the sentence, “I have never…” with something that they have never personally done.  At the end of their sentence, anyone who has actually done what the girl said is expected to take a sip of their beverage. The game can be very illuminating as it brings a lot of skeletons out of the cupboard.

Bride celebrating with friends at bridal shower

The Mr. & Mrs. Quiz

This is the most popular game played in bridal showers and rightly so as it is great fun and ignites a lot of laughs. The game is simple, before the shower, the maid of honour  gets the groom to fill out a questionnaire focused  prepared on the bride, himself & their relationship. The questions are not just straight forward questions for funny and queer one that would throw the bride off balance. Then, during the party the bride is asked to sit on a “hot seat” and  fill out the same questionnaire or to make it more fun, she is asked to give the answers verbally. Each answer is compared with answer given by the groom in the end and the bride is rated. The maid of honor can actually record a video tape of the groom answering the questions as proof – or the more tech savvy could have a Skype call with the groom to see his reaction to the bride’s answers.


Who am I?

This is another classic bridal shower game. Very easy to play, the game is such that the guests are given a post-it note and asked to include the name of a celebrity on the paper. The papers are collected, shuffled and placed upside down on a table so nobody sees what is written on it. One by one, each guest gets a turn to pick out a note without looking at what is written on it and they stick it on their forehead so others can see who is written on it. Then participants are given a number of clues so they can guess what celebrity is written on the note on her forehead. The clue-giving and guessing activity is what makes the game so much fun.

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