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Caroline Defends Husband; Musa Danjuma***Says no one has the right to judge***Judge him if you don’t have skeletons in your cupboard




Contrary to the impression that Caroline Danjuma has dumped her husband Musa the opposite is the case.

Danjuma; stepped out with a lady for an intimate dinner and since then reactions have been pouring in.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Danjuma will be spotted with another lady who is not his wife.

However, reacting to the latest development, his thespian wife Caroline seems to be standing by her husband.

In a chat, Caroline is quoted as saying that she got married to a man who had been divourced for four years. Further, she said she never expected to marry a perfect man and she knew that all men cheat. Furthermore, Caroline said “I believe if you love someone you should love their flaws first before loving their beautiful side.” She concluded by saying “he is my family and I will never condemn him.”

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