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Between Tunde Braimoh and wife



The Braimohs

The Braimohs

One quality which Tunde Braimoh, politician and former chairman of Kosofe Local Government Area, Lagos State, has in abundance is his sense of humour.

The man is so blessed with a good sense of humour that any sad person around him would have no choice but to liven up.

Fun-loving Braimoh was recently spotted with his beautiful wife, Yetunde, discussing an interesting topic. The couple, had stormed an event only for a guest to ask of the whereabouts their daughter, as the lady chided them for acting like a young couple by leaving their child at home.

Unperturbed that they were in public, the politician teased his wife, asking her if she was still strong enough to give birth to one or two more children at her age. The conversation, ended with Braimoh’s wife opting not to have more children and the trio bust into laughter.





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