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When Ibidun embarrassed Ituah Ighodalo




Ituah and Ibidun Ighodalo have been severally described as a model couple.

Some people will even advice young and aspiring couples to look up to them for both guidance and inspiration considering the circumstances surrounding how they got married and where they are today.

They were recently at an event where the husband and wife were honoured with awards. While Ituah collected his award and gave a short speech it was a different ball game all together for his wife, Ibidun as she kept on praise singing her husband like a fuji act would his fans at a show.

While some people were quick to see a scene of a woman appreciating her husband for his support over the years others  spotted a picture of a woman trying to appease her man.

When the praise singing was becoming too much an embarrassed and grinning Ituah who couldn’t help himself quickly collected a microphone and told his wife he loved her.

Some people have described what transpired at the event on the day as the picture of Ituah needing some sort of reassurance from his woman hence her decision to go public.

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