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Between Sharafa Oguntoyinbo And Adewale Adeyanju



That politics is a dirty game is not a new saying.
Over the years and at all levels, this fact has been established, hence very few people are ready to stick out their neck for anyone in politics.
However, not Alhaji Sharafa Oguntoyinbo, popularly called Sherfex.


Sherfex has proven that he is committed to the betterment of Maritime workers and indeed the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN), hence his endorsement of Alhaji Adewale Adeyanju as the choice candidate in the next election where he’s angling to become the new Maritime President General.
Sherfex, who is the unit Chairman of Dockworkers in Apapa Port, Lagos recently threw his weight in support of Adeyanju’s quest to emerge as the next President General of MWUN, a union which consist of workers from Maritime, Dockworkers, Nigeria Port Authority (NPA), and Shipping Companies. He based his decision to endorse Adeyanju on the fact that he could take the union to another level due to his antecedents as the Chairman of the Dockworkers.
The election where a new President General will emerge for the union will hold next month, as members seek to find a worthy replacement for a commendable incumbent, Tony Emmanuel.

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