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At last, Jodie Confirms Marriage Has Hit The Rock



Singer, Jodie has confirmed that her marriage to actor David Nnaji has crashed.

Sharing a post from TD Jakes, Jodie said “When people walk away from you let them go”, confirmimg insinuations that her marriage was up. Further, she said “But guess the one person who ‘ll never ever walk away from you? Jesus Christ.”

Advised on social media to the contrary an adamnt Jodie answered thus “your destiny isnt tied to someone who left. Dont hate, but dont just beg someone to stay. Dont beg someone to call. Dont beg some to care. Dont beg someone to love you. Recieve love from those who want to love you.”

Speculation about the singer and her husband facing challenges in their marriage has been going on for a while.

Jodie had been quoted saying that confirmation or denial wont come from her.

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