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Jude Ejiogu

Jude Ejiogu

The Youths Against Human Rights Violation And Corrupt Practices (YAHVCP) hereby call on the Governor of Imo State , His Excellency Owelle Rochas Okorocha to immediately  sack and order for  arrest  and  prosecution of Sir Jude Ejiogu, the Governor’s Chief of Staff  and Commissioner for Special Duties over alleged stealing of 1 billion naira Imo LGA pension funds when he (Ejiogu) was the Chairman of Imo Local Government Service Commission.

For YAHVCP, it is sad for the Governor of Imo State to still have men like Ejiogu in his cabinet, men that condemned Imolites to penury after retirement. Men who stole the sweat, the entitlements of our old men and old women who are looking up just to that little pension appreciation from their state.

The condition of LGA pensioners in Imo State aptly demonstrates the heartlessness of some public office holders – a system which benefits a few on the bones of the mass majority must be condemned. It is sad that the life of the working masses under this present government is one of poverty and penury from cradle to grave. How can a man who stole 1billion naira being funds meant for our retired mothers and fathers at home still be in government.

YAHVCP is angry that Instead of paying pensioners their due, the pension fund has become a slush fund for government officials to loot and for some thieving vampires in the state to gamble with. Many pensioners have died after years of waiting for their pensions. Those that were paid little, the amount was not enough to sustain the pensioners. Despite this, the government owe several types of arrears to LGA pensioners.

In this same Imo State where poor men and women are locked up in prison for many years for committing small criminal offences, a pension thief Jude Ejiogu who allegedly stole 1 billion naira LGA pension funds is rewarded with political appointment upon political appointment in the state. The same Jude Ejiogu when he was the Special Adviser to the Governor on IGR collected millions of naira from commercial banks in the state as tax but diverted the monies into his own pocket. The State government later demanded the same tax that Ejiogu had already collected from the banks and the banks had to go on strike for excessive taxation.

YAHVCP believe that it is only Governor Okorocha that is unaware that the same Jude Ejiogu allegedly defrauded Hall mark Bank and Progress Bank and ran to USA some years ago. Yet this same man is jostling to represent Owerri zone for elective position in 2015.They say Imo government does not have money to pay good salary for workers in the State but just look at how politicians are stealing our money every day.The politicians and their business men and women friends are living big in Imo while the workers and ordinary Imolites who work daily to survive are suffering.

We demand for the arrest and prosecution of Jude Ejiogu (Chief of Staff to Governor) now.

Signed: Mr Kenneth Uwadi YAHVCP National Coordinator, Amaka Didanda YAHVCP Media Affairs.

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