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Rochas Okorocha
Imo state today has become a haven of speculation and information distortion. Once, an issue is undertaken, mischief makers capitalize on it to deceive the uninformed and gullible individuals.
Election and every other political skirmish are over, this is the time to jointly move the state forward. Jude Ejiogu I know is very quiet, meticulous, cool-headed and intelligent. A man who discharged his administrative expertise not only as Chief of Staff to the state government but as the Chief Scribe of the state. I have no atom of doubt that his decision to meet with the former Governor is nothing but for the good of the state.
It is not in doubt that some individuals may have one issue or the other against the immediate past Governor, Senator Rochas Okorocha, a good number of Imolites still see some beautiful legacies of Okorocha in the state.
A few days ago, former Secretary to the Government of Imo state, Sir Jude Ejiogu visited his friend and former Governor, Rochas Okorocha to discuss some salient issues best known to them.
His visit to Chief Okorocha has been twisted by longer throats, while some insinuated that he went to congratulate him on his inauguration as Senator, others speculated according to their mode of reasoning.
But in all, Sir Jude Ejiogu, as one of the few great leaders in the state, still has his rights and privileges to visit whoever he chooses to meet without apology to anyone.
Just as individuals cluster around Governor Emeka Ihedioha today, Sir Jude Ejiogu, as a man of sincere heart does not have any grudges against anybody whether Senator, Traditional Ruler, Governor or an ordinary citizen. The issue at stake is not about who you visit, but our mindset, for now, should be how the state can move forward.
We are yet to know when former Governor Rochas Okorocha has become a leper that no individual can come close to him. It is quite obvious that those who always monitor steps individuals take do worse than the people they are inciting the public against.
Take it or live it, if Chief Okorocha were a Northerner, people will be happy to have him, but in our case, we tend to malign people unabatedly without any tangible reason for doing such. This is indeed why democracy in Imo state is struggling to stand on its feet.
Chief Okorocha as a human being is not ruled out of making mistakes, but his shortcomings should not be overblown beyond proportion as if he never did anything good for the state.
Sir Jude Ejiogu as an American trained Economist has demonstrated a high level of maturity in all his dealings not only with the state government under Okorocha but with ordinary citizens of the state and beyond. People like him with a large heart and an open mind are what the state needs.
Ejiogu, as a man who neither harbour grudges nor keeps malice against his fellow human being irrespective of various gossips and betrayals by people when in government.
His visit to Chief Okorocha could not have been anything rather than for the interest of the state at large. In as much as Chief Okorocha may have some flaws as a human being, he has as well contributed his quota for the growth of the state.
By Prof Jasper Ekwusi
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