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My Dear Governor,

A very good day to you sir, May the almighty God continue to replenish and strength you to pilot the affairs of this great State of Lagos to the desired destination/itesiwaju.
Your dream and plans for a state that will move forward “itesiwaju” for our children and grand children will be a thing of pride of be achieved in our lifetime.
Your Excellency, most of your super fans, including myself, never believed you could achieve this much or quickly move this state forward within the short period but we voted for you because of good governance which we have been enjoying in Lagos by your great party which has never disappointed us.
Within your one year in office, we have seen and felt your “itesiwaju” moving Lagos forward with a lot of project being done from almost all the sectors and these include; building, reconstructing, expanding and renovations of roads.


Sir, Lagosians appreciate your efforts on Oworoshoki bus-stop which your government have done so well by creating  ultra modern bus stop to de congest the traffic on the third mainland bridge which usually starts around 4pm from Monday to Friday for those who are coming from the Island, the traffic has reduced to 60 percent now.
I will also like to use this medium to call your attention and observation to few other things which include a project that mayvreduce the traffic to 30 percent on third mainland bridge and will also reduce cost on transportation for Lagosians.


Attention/Observation on oworoshoki pedestrian bridge


Sir, the pedestrian bridge at Oworoshoki needs urgent renovation or another one to be put in place because the bridge is weak as it now vibrates any time people pass on it, despite the fact that it’s being use by less people.


Aside that the fact that the bridge now vibrates, there are six holes on this pedestrian bridge and one can even see the vehicles going under the bridge and if care is not taken,one can mistakenly slip his/her feet into the hole while making use of the pedestrian bridge which is supposed to be safe for user.


Advice on Oworoshoki to Adeniji/Island

Sir, in a way to decongest the third mainland bridge of 40 or 30 percent traffic, I will advice the state government to create a marine/sea transport at Oworoshoki for people to ply from Oworoshoki to Adeniji, Victoria Island, CMS, Apapa, Lekki and Ajah so as to reduce road transportation. Creating sea transport in Oworoshoki which still have enough space for such will reduce the pressure on third mainland bridge and increase it life span as well as reducing the stress of many Lagosians.
Also, in creating the sea transport, your government can establish a car park in that place so that anybody coming with a car to the Island can also park their cars and join the stead boat to the Island fast and with less stress to their destination while they will also
pay a token for the car park.


Lastly, in creating sea transport and car park at Oworoshoki, I strongly believe the state government would have moved 20 percent forward for the benefit of those who uses (inter states) third mainland bridge.
Also, it will generate income for the state particularly with this economy situation of Nigeria.


I’ll like to conclude with a quotation from me “The ability of a government is to look beyond the ability and capability of his/her cabinet but accept and digest it’s citizenry advice and suggestion to move a nation forward”.

Eko oni baje, Itesiwaju eko lo je wa lo’gun.

Yours sincerely,

Ola Muhammed


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