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About Folly Coker’s 50th birthday




In his days of youthful exuberance, Folly Coker would hardly celebrate a birthday without the touch of royalty.


His parties just had to ooze royalty and luxury. His style was to celebrate and let the memory reverberate for as long as possible.


On several occasions there have been speculation of his staging such parties outside the country something his allies have since refuted.


Be that as it may, Coker has maintained a reasonably flamboyant lifestyle in the social circle, partying with those that matter most.


Hence, many had expected an all comers event to celebrate his 50th birthday on Monday, July 27.


This, however did not come, as what was described as his birthday ceremony was aptly tagged typical, leaving many wondering if the onetime man about town has lost his touch or if maturity has indeed set in at last.

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