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7 Ways to make long drives more comfortable




Travelling is generally fun. But having to travel long distances by road can be a nightmare! Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 7 ways to make travelling by road more comfortable for you.

Get a good night sleep

Most times, because we pack at the eleventh hour, we end up getting very little sleep the day before we are to travel. Avoid this. Have a good night’s sleep before the travel day; unwind, relax and prepare your body for the trip. It’s much easier to cope with the stress of road travel this way.

Wear a comfortable outfit

This is very important especially for the ladies. For long drives, relegate fashion to the background for a bit and let comfort take center stage. There really is no need to dress to impress since you are going to be in a car or bus for the better part of the day. Loose fitting pants and shirts are ideal for road travel.

Pack healthy snacks and eat light

If you decide to pack snack along with you on the trip, be sure it’s healthy, not the type that’s likely to purge or upset your stomach. Also, eat light. You don’t want to be that person in the vehicle with the constant need to ease himself/herself, and some of the time you are going to have to do so out by or in the bush because the nearest toilet might be a mile away.

Be mindful of your posture

You should keep your body moving during the trip, especially if you are a passenger. Periodically switch sitting positions, pump your ankles and move your arms to prevent aches and pains. You should also avoid slouching and can consider taking along with you a travel pillow or a small pillow to support your back. If you are the one driving, you can also consider using cruise control (if your vehicle has one) when you can, so you can rest your feet for a bit. Be sure to set the cruise control at a safe speed.

Use relaxation techniques

Playing soft music during the trip or using relaxation techniques like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation etc. can help reduce your stress levels during a long ride. You can also take full advantage of the few stops during the trip to stretch and walk around. In addition, you can take a book along with you to read and take a biro and notebook to scribble thoughts on and maybe write journal entries or even new music (if you are a writer or songwriter).

Bring along disposable pre-moistened body wipes

Riding along in a car for hours can make your body feel sticky so you can bring along disposable pre-moistened body wipes to freshen up a bit during the ride and keep comfortable. You can wipe your body down in the privacy of the restroom at a rest stop or simply wipe yourself discreetly in the vehicle. Favour alcohol-free disposable wipes when buying these – they are kinder to your skin.

Stop occasionally

Especially if you are the one driving, you should build some stops into your timeline when planning road trips, especially if you have children with you. Stop for some minutes to stretch, use the restroom and walk around to relax your body and help improve your blood flow.

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