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Caroline Danjuma Addresses Her Many Controversies




Actress, Caroline Danjuma, has addressed some issues relating to her ahead of her 34th birthday on June 26.

She addressed certain issues which occurred while she was married and after her marriage ended.

In an Instagram post she shared, the actress alleged that she was accused of stealing someone’s husband and bullied on social media while her marriage lasted.

She also added that during this time, no one came out to claim her then husband.

Caroline also disclosed that she doesn’t blame the government for wanting to regulate social media, as she recalled how she was accused of lying about her age.

The actress who revealed that she is now immune to bullying and harsh words, further stated that she wished her rift with Davido over the death of her ex-boyfriend, Tagbo never occurred because he is a cool guy. She also called for an end to the false assumption and false allegations against her.


She wrote:

June 26 I will be 34 years old ..super grateful for all my achievements , yes I acted for only 2 yrs 2004 to 2006 and it was awesome , I was bullied all through my marriage by social media ( 12 years of bullying ) .. why did I marry my grandfather ( my choice not yours ), i stole someone’s husband ( no one came out to claim him ) , I ain’t the age I claim to be because of Wikipedia ( are you aware Wikipedia can be edited by anyone ? ) .

Sometimes I do not blame the govt for trying to regulate social media , any one can post false information about another and feel good about it .. y’all should give it a rest . Some claiming they went to uni with me ( can’t remember everyone being the same age in uni , and no you don’t know me even if we were in the same space ) .

Concerning David I wish such never happened between us he is really a cool guy , I wish him nothing short of favor and undiluted success always (I equally love the song fia ) .. now I am immune to your bullying and harsh words . Yes I am divorced , happy , closer to God , at peace with myself and looking forward to a successful life .

My ex and I respect and love each other and I am super blessed to have him still in my life . It is ok to achieve a lot early , get married early at the right age and have your kids early after marriage , it is ok to be divorced and single . it does not cost anything to be kind to people .. stop with the false rumors , bullying , nasty allegations without facts .

If you don’t have the facts don’t open your mouth . Period . Stop with the false assumptions and false accusations you ain’t a witch .


I was accused of stealing someone

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