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13 Reasons Why You Should Watch Cheta Chukwu’s ‘PayDay’ Movie at the Cinemas



Payday is an upcoming Nollywood movie written and directed by Cheta Chukwu. The movie will be debuted in cinemas on Friday 13th of July, 2018. Payday promises to be an amazing movie, and a record breaker in Nollywood.
Here are 13 reasons why PayDay is a must watch:
1. The storyline of the movie is just mind blowing. It reveals the creativity of the script writer to think beyond the box. The weirdness of the events, it definitely isn’t your everyday Nigerian occurrence, what you would normally expect to see in Nigerian movies.
2. The humor is nerve racking. The characters and the events that unfold in the film serve for this purpose. I assure you, you cannot help but laugh when you eventually see the movie.
3. The characters chosen for this movie are a peculiar match that should stir up your curiosity. The cast include former BBNaija star Bisola, Ebiye the comedian, Baaj Adebule, Meg Otanwa, Mawuli Gavor,  amongst others. Prepare your mind to see raw skill and talent from these blazing stars.
4. Lessons to be learned. As amusing as the concepts are, careful viewing of the movie will reveal truths and lessons to be learnt. It’s best not to divulge it all here. Let’s talk about it after you see the movie.
5. Also through funny depictions, some societal vices are revealed. Art and movies are supposed to be mirror of the society and PayDay movie did not disappoint.
6. Remember the emperor with no clothes? Well then don’t be like those who didn’t see “the clothes”. The movie is already gaining worldwide recognition and viewership, you should be among too. “Payday” was be part of the 2018 International Festival of Dependent Films in Moscow, Russia in April. Payday, was selected to screen at the one of the biggest International Film Festival in Moscow, Russia. The movie won the Grand Jury Prize, one of the three prestigious awards given to feature films at the film Festival. And this would be the first time a film from Nigeria screened in the history of the festival.
7. You, yes you were in mind for the making of the movie. The director said “Making a movie is definitely not an easy task however, making something that people will truly love is is why we do the work that we do.” So you the viewer was put into consideration, the movie has been tailored and suited for you.
8. The unexpected! The movie’s concept was beyond the box. The idea of not using A-list actors and actresses, the storyline and more. One thing is certain, this movie will not bore you. You will not expect what you will get, and that alone will keep you intrigued from start to finish.
9. The best crime comedy Nigeria has ever produced. We all should see the movie not just because it is a damn good job but also because such a great work of art is coming from Nollywood.
10. The entire movie, every bit, every sound, every image, every emotion will stir up something splendid inside of you. It’s a moment you will not soon forget, watching Cheta Chukwu’s “Payday”.
11. Payday is also selected for 2018 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, The Real Time International Film Festival and Trinity International Film Festival, USA. There must be something about this movie for it to garner these attention.
12. It is being distributed by the company behind The Avengers in Nigeria, Blue Pictures. When you see such an heavyweight behind a movie, you should know that it’s worth watching.
13. Be part of history! Don’t be told how great this ‘was’,  be part of those telling this tale of greatness.
PayDay follows the story of two best friends and flat mates, Paul and Ortega who, just before they are about to renew their yearly rent, their Landlord dies very suddenly, and seemingly without any heir apparent. The young men seize upon the unfortunate but good opportunity to ‘enjoy’ a little. The return of the landlord’s daughter changed the game and led them on a dangerous adventure. PayDay movie will be in cinemas from July 13, 2018 nationwide.
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