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Tuesday , 19 February 2019
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An Igbo  group,   Voice.from.the.East,.VEAST,  has called on the National.Assembly to impeach President Buhari immediately.

The group which embarked on.a massive protest on  the  streets of  Enugu  weekend, pointed out that they were  in full  support of  Court  order  of the Federal High  Court Osun calling on the  National Assembly  to  start  the impeachment process of  Buhari  as  the  President of  Nigeria.

”  Impeach Buhari  now  as  killer – President  of  Nigeria; impeach Buhari  now  as murderer  of Nigerians; impeach Buhari  now  as   the   sponsor  of   Fulanihersdmen  in Nigeria; impeach Buhari  now  as  the   sponsor  of  bokoharam  in Nigeria; impeach Buhari  now  as  sharia head  in Nigeria; impeach Buhari  now  as   the arrow head of  jihad  in Nigeria, were some of the inscriptions their placards displayed. newsmen on why they were demonstrating, the.Convener of VEAST, Comrade Kindness Jonah had this to say.

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“My  name is  Comrade  Kindness  Jonah, the Convener of    Voice from the East- VEAST.

“We  are  demonstrating  in full support of the Federal  High Court Order  in Osun  State   for  Muhammadu   Buhari  to be impeached   as   the  President of Nigeria. We  are  in tandem with the view of the  Judge that  gave the order because  human life has been  very cheap in Buhari’s  regime.

“All  that Buhari knows  is  blaming Jonathan’s regime. Buhari  has not done anything  since  he assumed office. The  Change mantra  of  Buhari  is   rather negative  and  it  is  completely  islamic   because  Buhari came with  islamic agenda  to islamize Nigeria  and lead jihad war  which is what  Fulaniherdsmen and bokoharam  are religiously-islamically doing.

” Rather than accept responsibility for the killings  , Buhari  in his characteristic self,   is blaming unnamed  political enemies. This , to us, is purely diversionary  because  Buhari is the  worst corrupt  Nigerian  politician standing today  as well as  the most  bloody and deadliest, Buhari  has no WASC  or  GCE, which is  the highest fraud  against the Constitution as the minimum required standard.

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“What other  corruption is higher than public cheat as President, of any  nation?  But Buhari has not,  and cannot address that, but  gallivants  every corner  of the globe , claiming that he is fighting corruption in Nigeria. Buhari is not  fighting corruption , but political  enemies  in PDP and other parties. We  are not  partisan, but Buhari,  and  not corruption, is the problem of Nigeria.

“The  problem of Nigeria is  simply  put:  islam   AND  NOT corruption. Killings  in Plateau, Benue, Taraba, Nassarawa, Adamawa, Borno, Yobe, Kogi, Enugu  or  elsewhere   are  all  to fulfil  the   islamic  agenda  of  Buhari,” Comrade Jonah explodes.


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