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Xezona Duke Begins Walk Away From Spinsterhood



Donald Duke

Those who know Donald Duke’s daughters would attest to their beauty.

Xezona, the eldest of his beauties started her journey out of spinsterhood recently.

In an engagement ceremony which held recently, the Duke family received their in-law the Philips, as they commenced what has been deemed a path that will lead to the blissful wedding of two of their children in Xezona and Derin, her man.

The couple shares a mutual interest in music, as Derin is more popular as DJ Casie, while his woman has a keen interest in music.

As friends and well-wishers await their wedding proper, there is no doubt that the imagination of party goers would be in full swing, as they await the big day.

Derin is the grandson of the late Antonio Deinde Fernandez, a businessman, and top socialite.

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