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Why Mr. Ibu Wasn’t Flown Abroad For Treatment, AGN President, Emeka Rollas



Emeka Rollas

Emeka Rollas has revealed why comic actor Mr. Ibu was not flown abroad for treatment.

Mr. Ibu


In the wake of the actors death, several people have asked why he was not flown to either India or Israel for proper medical attention.

The situation becomes more confusing knowing that at a point, the actor asked and received financial assistance from members of the public.

Explaining the puzzle, Rollas, the National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), said Mr. Ibu, wasn’t flown abroad to receive medical care while battling with his ailment because he was rejected by hospitals in the United States and India.

Rollas said that the actor was rejected because his prognosis made it impossible for him to board a flight.

“There was a time we wanted to fly Ibu abroad, but when we escalated the doctor’s reference and his prognosis, almost all the hospitals in India and America rejected him and said whoever that has this kind of prognosis cannot survive flight to any country.”

Recall that it was severely reported that the late actor underwent seven surgeries to keep him alive, while one of his legs was amputated.

In a statement released by his family at a point in time, they maintained that there were plans to fly him abroad for better treatment, however, the actor never let Nigeria until he died.

Hw passed away on March 2 at the age of 62.

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