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Why Ibinabo Was Granted Bail- Justice Sidi Bage



Fans of Ibinabo Fiberesima are definitely happy that she regained her freedom yesterday Thursday, April 8.

However, few of them know why she was eventually granted bail by the presiding justice.

Speaking on why Fiberesima was granted bail, Justice Sidi Bage said “it would amount to injustice if after Fiberesima had been kept in prison, the Supreme Court later, after about three to four years, decided that the five year jail term imposed on her should be set aside.”

Justice Sidi Bage, who presided over the proceedings, aligned himself with the lead judgment but the third member of the panel, Justice Y.B. Nimpar, dissented.

Justice Nimpar said the ill health grounds upon which Fiberesima anchored her application for bail was untenable.

The judge noted that there was no record before the court that Fiberesima had suffered any complication since February that she underwent surgery for breast cancer and April when she brought her application for bail.

Besides, Justice Nimpar said there were adequate medical facilities in the prison to cater to her health needs, adding that the prison hospital could also give her referral for consultancy in the event that she has any condition that could not be taken care by the prison hospital.

“The surgery was uneventful. The surgery was done in February, now we are here in April and there is no complication.

“The applicant is already convicted and presumption of innocence is no longer available.

“I personally will not exercise discretion in favour of the applicant,” Justice Nimpar held.

In support of Fiberesima’s bail application filed through her lawyer, Nnaemeka Amaechina, one Victor Eden had deposed to a six-paragraph affidavit stating that Fiberesima recently had a surgical operation for breast cancer.

Eden said in the affidavit that Fiberesima was afraid that her life might be endangered if kept in the prison custody.

He had urged the court to grant her bail in the interest of justice.


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