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Why I Will Act Nude-Ella Emmanuel



Ella Emmanuel

Ella Emmanuel is a fast-rising actress whose fan base is increasing daily. The beauty has featured in top Nollywood movies some of which has gained viewership both home and abroad. In this interview, she told us about her life as an actress, how adventurous she can be in movies and why she won’t mind acting nude.

How would you describe yourself?

Well, I will describe myself as a highly spirited, passionate and adventurous actress. I love the art of acting.


While growing up, did you ever envisage being a thespian?

Actually, yes cause acting is pretty innate for me. I love acting and I have always aspired to get into it. Like I said earlier, am passionate about it.

Tell us how your acting career began?

I have always had the penchant and knack for acting as a child.  My sister and I were always scribbling down stories and doing actual script writing. That was when the seed of acting was planted in me unconsciously. But I ventured into acting professionally three years back.

How has it been for you as an actress?

It has been fine. There have been the good times and the bad times, but that is not synonymous with acting alone.

Acting is not a profession parents really encourage their children to go into, did yours support you as a young actress?

My parents were supportive but hammered on how imperative it was for me to first finish my university education.

Did you listen to them?

I was able to handle both my education and acting in such a way that neither suffered.

Do you feel actresses are well appreciated in Nigeria?

I don’t feel actresses are well appreciated in Nigeria at all. I think the reverse is the case.  There is actually this negative notion Nigerians have about actresses which is not same for our counterparts in other countries.  Here, we are misconstrued and Judged by the characters we portray in the movies and our sense of style not our real personality. They forget it’s what the act requires. And they believe actresses are not decent which is wrong.

Would you act nude given $100,000?

Well, yes if that’s what is required to tell the story, pass the message and get the aesthetics needed. Halle Berry of Hollywood is a super talented and iconic actress, nudity   was required to tell a beautiful story in one of her Block buster films and she bared it all. So, it’s about the act and going all the way doesn’t make you a lady without values or indecent.

What stands you out as an actress?

What stands me out as an actress is my love for the act, my adventurous approach and style, I love being myself.

Despite the controversies in Nollywood, who are those you look up?

I look up to several people. I definitely would say Omotola Jelade-Ekehinde and Joke Silva, they are my Nollywood evergreen stars with extraordinary talents.

What should your fans expect in 2018?

Well, for what my fans should expect from me in 2018, they should expect giant strides for the best fascinating movies and interesting adventures from me.

What do your fans mean to you?

A lot. I have so much love and respect to my fans because without them, I won’t be here.

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