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Why I Called Out Omotola Jelade-Ekehinde, Dorcas Shola Fapson Explains




There is always an aftermath of an event. The aftermath of the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers Award (AMVCA), is starting to be unveiled.

One of the dramas from the event is not too popular actress, Dorcas Shola Fapson, who became popular for her drama with a Taxify driver calling out and criticizing Omotola Jelade-Ekehinde.

Fapson who had initially called out the actress some months back called her out again after an ‘unpleasant’ encounter with the actress during the 2018 AMVCA.

The young actress who felt bad that she was nominated but didn’t win any award shared a video saying ‘not winning an AMVCA won’t dictate my career, onto bigger and better things’.

After attacking the organisers of the award, Fapson, went on to accuse Omotola of being a horrible person.

She wrote:


“P.s I used to be suchhh a HUGE fan of Omotola up untill tonight. She’s absolutely horrible. If I tell y’all what she did. Smh.  NEVER look down on anyone cause you’re on top, trust me tables can turn ANYTIME sis.  I was bouta rant and they took light, well guess issa sign but yahhh peace and love to all the HUMBLE celebs”  she wrote.




Fapson is among several up and coming actresses who have called out Omotola for one reason or the other.
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