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Why COSON is entertainment industry’s most transparent organization



Tony Okoroji, COSON boss

Tony Okoroji, COSON boss

The Head of Finance & Administration at Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) Ms. Bernice Eriemeghe, has said that COSON is by far the most accountable and transparent organisation in the history of the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

According to Ms. Eriemeghe, ‘transparency is the cornerstone at COSON, accountability is the central pillar. We do not pay lip service to these expectations; we practice them to the fullest”  

Ms. Eriemeghe, was reacting to a statement credited to popular singer, KCee questioning the level of transparency at COSON. According to her, “at COSON, we endeavour not to join issues with artistes because virtually all the top artistes in Nigeria are members of COSON and are regarded as members of our family, from the youngest to the oldest. I consider Kcee a good friend and I have personally invited him to COSON several times. He is yet to show up to see the world class organisation we have set up and the very professional way in which we manage copyright. COSON organises several interactive events at which practitioners are given complete freedom to raise questions on any aspect of copyright management. To my recollection, KCee has never attended any of the several COSON meetings, the COSON stakeholders’ forum, the Big Info Day, No Music Day or any of the big events of COSON Week. I believe that what Kcee is quoted as saying is predicated on the assumption that every Nigerian organisation is corrupt and ineffective. COSON is very different. At COSON, we maintain the highest international standards and there is zero tolerance for any kind of shady dealing’

According to Ms. Eriemeghe with international work experience at Campanile de Manosque, France, ‘before COSON, no one in Nigeria cared about the performing rights of any Nigerian artiste. Their music was used freely by everyone.

Nigerians can bear witness that due to the painstaking work which COSON continues to do, the attitude has changed tremendously and most people in Nigeria now know that intellectual property has great value. Not in any financial year since COSON was approved have we failed to have our accounts professionally audited and all necessary details sent to our members, filed with the Nigerian Copyright Commission, the Corporate Affairs Commission and the International Confederation of Authors’ Societies (CISAC) of which COSON is a member. We have never filed any of these details out of time.

Across Africa, COSON is regarded as one of the most professional Collective Management Organizations and a pride to Nigeria.’




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