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Who Is After Patience Oniha?



Until you meet Patience Oniha, the Director-General of Debt Management Office (DMO), in person, you won’t know what an asset she is.

Soft-spoken, highly intelligent and analytical, Oniha, does not cut this image across board.

Some view her as inept for the office she currently occupies, but that is not true.

Those who truly know the woman’s worth would highlight her scorecard. Among other things, the Edo State-born woman retired as a director in the agency, having served in the Efficiency Unit of the Ministry of Finance. She also receives credit for the many successes of the DMO in the past 10 years specifically for her role in the management of the country’s debt profile via the establishment of 37 sub-national Debt Management Departments for the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory.

Speaking at a Retail Bond Workshop organised by the DMO, Nigerian Stock Exchange and Stanbic IBTC, Oniha called for observations that would help her office do its job better.

Barely two years into her appointment, there is no doubting her ability to deliver the country from its near debt crisis.

Given the room to serve her two terms of five years, Ohina would leave an indelible mark in DMO.  This thus leaves a question on the doorsteps of those who seem to always find fault in everything she does.

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