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Which country is the most developed, Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria, or Angola?




As of August 2018, my ranking of the most developed would be as follows. Based on their GDP per capita (PPP) and HDI ranking in Africa. First ranking in GDP and 2nd ranking is HDI out of 55 African countries, which combines life expectancy, education & literacy rates, and GNI). Human Development Index (HDI

  1. Angola ( 18th and 15th)
  2. Nigeria ( 20th and 17th)
  3. Kenya ( 25th and 16th)
  4. Rwanda ( 36th and 25th)

Within the constraint of my definition, Angola comes first, Nigeria second, Kenya, third, and Rwanda, 4th.

Rwanda is a very small country and really cannot be compared with “oil rich” Nigeria or Angola. At least, not at the moment in 2018.

I am Rwandan, who is interested in business and entrepreneurship.

  • If I wanted to get rich quick, I will move to Nigeria and Angola. Oil rich countries and the power of access to many customers in one location.
  • If you are a large manufacturing company, you want to go to Nigeria. You have access to 200 million people. Sell 10% of your items to the customers, and make one dollar on each, and boom, you have got $20 million sitting in the bank. Quick and easy.
  • If I wanted to live in a very organized country with less hustle, rule of law, low levels of corruption, business friendly climate, and accountability from government institutions, I would go to Rwanda.

These 4 countries are very different in sizes, economies, etc. It is quite a challenge to compare them head to head. It actually cannot be done. Unless, you specify your definition of “ developed”. For now, I will focus on regular economic indicators, laid out by Economists at World Bank, IMF and similar institutions.

If you look at the GDP per capita (PPP) alone, You would say that Angola and Nigeria are the most developped. However, remember than Angola and Nigeria are oil rich countries. Their numbers are bumped up by the crude oil they produce and export to the rest of the world to get rich.

Unfortunately, the funds coming from those resources enrich a minority of business people and politicians. And not majority of their citizens. Lagos and Luanda are such a good example. The richest neighborhood in those countries will trick you to thinking that you are in Monaco or Switzerland.

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Therefore, in addition to GDP per capita, you have to include other economics metrics such HD( Human Development Index, literacy rates, access to healthcare and basic education ( 12 years of primary and secondary schools), life expactancy and happiness index).

Based on these other metrics, Angola and Nigeria goes straight to the bottom.

70% of Nigerians live under the poverty line. That’s 140 million people in one corrupted and unfonctional state [ According to Nigerians]. These are not my words. This is a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode soon or later. Add identity politics and tribalism into the mix, you have got yourself a deadly time bomb right here. Trust me! I am Rwandan. We have been there, done that. No bueno!

Poverty, tribalism, and identity politics is a recipe for a disaster. It sounds like another country I know too well before 1994. My home country, Rwanda. Nothing good comes out of this combination. It is bad & sad for business.

It is a cancer to any progress and the wellbeing of the nation. Angola is the same, but not as bad as Nigeria. If they don’t change, they will get there someday. By then, Nigeria is even going to be worse [ These are not my words, but Nigerians].

That leaves me with Kenya and Rwanda. Again, Kenya is the more developed than Rwanda. They have better and robust education sytem than Rwanda. However, Kenya’s Achilles hill is always “corruption”, mostly based on an Agrarian economy. Their government gets involved in every sector of their economy, which makes their industries really corrupt. Because of this, majority of Kenyans are not happy about their system of governance.

Nairobi, Kenya

Fellow Kenyans, your leaders need to read “ Free to Choose” by Nobel Prize Economist, Milton Friedman. Buy them many copies for their birthdays. Require them to read, discuss the book and summarize it for themselves in exchange for seeking re-election. It is the only way they can read it. Trust me! It might be your best bet.

Kenyan politicians ( members of parliament) are the highest paid in the world when you include $1,000 per day allowances for only food and water whenever they are outside of the country. Kenyans know that their country is rich but their resources is only enriching a few minority. Thus, they are not happy.

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By GDP per capita, Rwanda is the least developed of all. However, Rwandan’s system of government is much more efficient and forward thinking than the other countries. Least corrupted of all, and way more organized than others. In addition, given their history in 1994, Rwanda came from nothing and built their systems from scratch.

They have laid a solid foundation for their future. Think about it? They have managed to cut aid dependency from 86% of their national GDP in the year 2000 to about 17% in 2018. Meanwhile, they have doubled their GDP in their last 10 years and looks very unstoppable at the moment ( if they can ignore the noise from their Western so called partners).

Over 95% of Rwandans have access to affordable healthcare. If you are looking at Millenium development goals ( MDGs) and sustainable development goals ( SDGs), Rwanda is definitely “killing” it right now. Their government is focused, their people are motivated, excited and believe in their country’s ability to rise to the top. This excitement and the energy it generates cannot be underestimated.

In fact, measuring Rwanda’s happiness index, and trust in the government, Rwanda comes way ahead than the other three countries. However, they have a long way to go to compare themselves with Nigeria and Angola.

Rwanda is a landlocked country and does not have any natural resources. The other countries are rich in natural resources and touches the sea. They have a competitive advantage, given their location and abundant resources.

Rwanda is only relying on their people to move forward, in unity and peace, safety and security, hope and excitement, steady economic growth for another 30 years or so.

Only then, Rwanda can come close to comparing themselves with Nigeria and Angola. By 2030, I believe Rwanda might be ahead of Kenya in terms of overall quality of life and wellbeing per capita basis. In 2050, Rwanda might be head to head per capita basis with Nigeria and Angola.

Kigali Master Plan 2040

By Didier Champion, Personal Development & Finance Coaching

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Four Journalists Die In Auto Accident



Auto Accident

At least four Nigerian journalists lost their lives in a motor accident on Wednesday night on Airport Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom.

The journalists were on their way to support another colleague who was getting married when the accident happened.

The deceased reportedly worked for Akwa Ibom Newspaper Corporation, publishers of Pioneer Newspaper.

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Ibanga Isine, an investigative journalist said: “We mourn with our colleagues in the Pioneer Chapel of the NUJ, Akwa Ibom State Council.”

One of them, who survived but is receiving treatment at a General Hospital, Ituk Mbang said the driver who probably was on speed lost control of the vehicle while trying to negotiate a bend, causing the bus to somersault.

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Corpses of those confirmed dead have been deposited in a morgue.

Those who survived, including the driver were said to be admitted to the emergency care unit of the hospital for treatment of various degrees of injuries they sustained.

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Why Aisha Buhari Is Demanding Mallam Garba Shehu’s Resignation



The resignation of Mallam Garba Shehu,  the Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, has been demanded by the First Lady, Hajia Aisha Buhari.

Hajia Buhari made the demand in a statement she personally signed and released in the early hours of Wednesday.

She accused the presidential spokesman of taking instruction from President Buhari’s cousin, Mamman Daura, in the early days of the Administration, to declare that there will not be the Office of the First Lady, a development she said embarrassed her husband.

She also accused him of releasing the video in which she had an altercation with the Daura family to the press, adding that his loyalty is not to anyone or group.

The statement, titled: “Garba Shehu Has Gone Beyond His Boundaries,” reads in full:

Nigeria’s development is hinged on the ability of public officials to execute their mandates professionally and to be shining examples in their various areas of endeavor. It is not a good sign when officials abandoned their responsibility and start clutching at straws.

As a spokesperson of the President, he has the onerous responsibility of managing the image of the President and all the good works that he is executing in the country. Rather than face this responsibility squarely, he has shifted his loyalty from the President to others who have no stake in the compact that the President signed with Nigerians on May 29, 2015, and 2019.

To make matters worse, Mr. Shehu has presented himself to these people like a willing tool and executioner of their antics, from the corridors of power even to the level of interfering with the family affairs of the President. This should not be so.

The blatant meddling in the affairs of the First Lady of a country is a continuation of the prodigal actions of those that he serves. We all remember that the chief proponent appropriated to himself and his family a part of the Presidential Villa, where he stayed for almost 4 years and when the time came for him to leave, he orchestrated and invaded my family’s privacy through a video circulated by Mamman’s Daughter, Fatima, the public was given the impression that on arrival into the country I was locked out of the villa by Mr. President. Garba Shehu as Villa Spokesperson knew the truth and had the responsibility to set the records straight, but because his allegiance is somewhere else and his loyalty misplaced, he deliberately refused to clear the air and speak for the President who appointed him in the first place. Consequently, his action has shown a complete breakdown of trust between the First Family and him.

Mr. Shehu was privy and part of the plan and its execution and he was shocked when he realized that I had publicized my return to Nigeria on October 12, 2019, and cleared the air on the many rumors that took over social media, a job he was supposed to do but kept mute to cause more confusion and instability for his Principal and his family.

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Garba then, vented his anger on the National Television Authority (NTA) Management insisting that the media crew to my office must be sacked. He succeeded in getting them suspended for doing their job. I had to intervene to save the innocent staff from losing their means of livelihood by involving the Department of State Services (DSS) in order to ascertain roles played by key actors in the saga.

It is at this late hour that I recall, sadly, that it was the same Garba Shehu who claimed that the government will not allow the office of the First Lady to run. He was later to confirm to one of my aides that he was instructed to say so by Mamman Daura and not the President. This antic attracted the anger of Nigerian women. He didn’t realize the fact that First Lady’s office is a tradition that has become an institution.

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Today, even without a budget, I am able to run my humanitarian programmes.

In saner climes, Garba Shehu would have resigned immediately after going beyond his boundaries and powers.


The latest of his antics was to wage a war on the first family through an orchestrated media campaign of calumny by sponsoring pseudo accounts to write and defame my children and myself.

Based on Garba Shehu’s misguided sense of loyalty and inability to stay true and loyal to one person or group, it has become apparent that all trust has broken down between him and my family due to the many embarrassments he has caused the Presidency and the first family. We all have families to consider in our actions and therefore it is in the best interest of all concerned for Garba Shehu to take the advice of the authority, given to him sometimes in the first week of November 2019.

Sources in the Presidential Villa said Mallam Shehu was advised to resign at the time.

The presidential spokesman was not available for comment on Wednesday.

Shehu was said to have traveled with President Buhari to Egypt for an official function.

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House Of Reps To Investigate DSS Over Court Invasion




The House of Representatives has revealed that it will investigate the controversial invasion of a Federal High Court in Abuja by the Department of State Service (DSS) in a bid to rearrest Omoyele Sowore.

The decision was taken after minority leader, Ndudi Elumelu, raised the matter during plenary.

Channels TV reports that the House on Tuesday, December 10, mandated its committees to investigate the circumstances surrounding the re-arrest of Sowore after the minority leader, Ndudi Elumelu, raised the matter during plenary.

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The lawmaker faulted the reported action of the DSS as an abuse on the sanctity of the courtroom. He said the invasion of the courtroom by DSS operatives can be seen as one arm of government attempting to overpower another.

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