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Ways to have an exciting flight




Travelling by air is supposed to be the safest and quickest means of transport but at the same time, it is also the most tragic when a crash occurs. With this in mind, some travelers board their flights and have a very terrible, unpleasant and awful trip. This is mostly for first-time flyers.

Notwithstanding, this should not be the case. Even if there is turbulence while flying, you can still enjoy your flight. However, if flying freaks you out,, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal gathers 5 ways you can have a thrilling flight. A smooth flight helps you have an impeccable, and hitch-free vacation.

Arrive early at the airport

Lagos traffic is the main excuse many travelers give for arriving late not only at the airport but also to a date or workplace. Two things will happen to you if you arrive late at the airport, you will either miss your flight or have an awesomely terrible flight due to the pressure that comes with late arrival. This should perhaps be the first step to take if you want to have a thrilling flight.


Use your phone as your source of entertainment

You cannot receive nor make calls on board. Despite this, your phone can do other things with your phone like playing games, listening to music, watching videos, and much more. If there is WiFi on board, you can chat with your sweetheart, friends, and family.

Do your makeup

Makeup during a flight? Yes of course. Why not? It will distract you from your mind’s indiscriminate thoughts which may sink you into depression. For the women, if you could do your makeup, do not hesitate to whip out your makeup kit and make yourself up. Women cannot do without their makeup.

Strike a conversation with your seatmate

Since both of you will be flying for the next few hours, it is not out of place to chat with your seatmate. It will get your mind off the flight. Whether your seatmate is male or female ensure that you have a tangible conversation and ensure that you exchange business cards.

Don’t forget your favourite novel or comic book

Soaking yourself in your favourite novel or comic book is another way to thrill yourself while flying. Ardent readers can understand this. For travellers who are not too keen on reading hundred of pages novels, a  comic book can stand in.

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