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Ways to have a Delightful Threat on a Calabar Vacation



The desire for a lifetime adventure is only satisfied by visiting a destination which offers a unique travel experience. Calabar in Cross River state is one of such destinations that leaves you yearning for more.

If you have the slightest opportunity to get away from your daily routine, book a comfy room and a flight or whichever choice of transport and head over to Calabar. Your family will welcome this time-out and love you for it.

Sharing tips on fun things to do on a trip to Cross River,, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal reveals five creative ways to enjoy a Calabar vacation.

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Do not leave without tasting Edikaikong

You must have tasted Edikaikong prepared in Lagos. But if you taste the one cooked by a Calabar woman in Calabar, you will leave Lagos for Calabar every weekend to taste this nutritious cuisine. Edikaikong is Calabar’s biggest export when it comes to cuisine. You should eat this tasty soup with Akpu (Cassava starch). Yummie!

Ride Africa’s longest cable car

The experience of riding a cable at an incredible height leaves tourists with mixed feelings. The cable car is 4 kilometres long and it is located at the Obudu Mountain resort. The overwhelming temperate weather and the picturesque scenery of the resort is just the right way to naturally detox.

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Tour the Tinapa Resort

The Tinapa Resort Free Trade Zone is a place to go for sightseeing even though it is yet to be completed. The resort was set to boost the tourism potentials of the state. Nonetheless, there is so much to do. There is the nightclubs, Cinema, restaurants and children’s arcade.

Go Mountain climbing

Climbing the Obudu Mountain is not for the faint-hearted. But if you want an ultimate travel experience, make sure you climb the 1576 metres high mountain. The reward for your effort will blow you away as you are welcomed by the Obudu mountain resort-a resort that sits on the mountain, breathtaking views and awesome sceneries.


Milk a cow

Obudu ranch dairy farm is located at the Obudu Mountain Resort. Hence, after the energy-sapping climb of the Obudu Mountain, you can visit the dairy farm to milk cows which no doubt add to the experience.

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