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Ways to Deal With Lies



People lie for different reasons and it hurts more when someone you love

and trust lies to you. We share 8 ways to help you deal with lies and

temper its effect on your emotions and perceptions.


*Recognize That You Are Being Lied To*


Before proceeding to deal with lies, you must first establish that you are

being lied to. When you are sure, beyond any doubt, that you have been or

are being lied to, you can then proceed to deal with it.


*Look for Patterns In The Person’s Lies*


This is done in an attempt to understand why the person is lying to you. It

is easier to deal with when you can identify why the person is lying to

you. However, if after some analysis it seems to you that the person is

lying for no reason, then there is a bigger problem at hand – you are

possibly dealing with a compulsive or pathological liar. If you are not

careful, the person’s lies can distort your reality to the point where you

actually begin to believe the lies might be true.


*Determine if the Person’s Lies Are Harmful*


Truth is there is no such thing as a harmless lie, but some lies are more

harmful than others. You need to figure out how the lies affect you, the

person lying and others that might be involved. Is the person lying to

protect, escape the consequence of an error, or manipulate? More

importantly, are the lies manipulating you into making decisions or acting

in ways that are unlike you or your personality?


*Decide Whether or Not to Confront the Liar*


This is a personal choice. After you are sure, beyond reasonable doubt,

that you have been lied to, you need to sit down, think and decide on your

course of action. Determine the better alternative between confronting the

liar and keeping to yourself the fact that you know the truth. You can keep

it to yourself to inform your future decisions concerning the liar and

anything that has to do with the liar.


*Document the Lies*


This seems funny but if you neglect this you can be made the fool,

especially when you confront the liar for his/her lies. You don’t have to

show the documentation to anyone, it is mainly for you so you don’t lose

sight of the truth. You should document the instance of the lie and why you

believe it is a lie. Do some research (an objective one) to get some

evidence proving the lie, you should be able to show the liar (and to some

degree even yourself), without a doubt, that a lie or lies have been told.


*Talk to the Person Privately*


If you must confront the liar, don’t do so in public. That tends to have a

less than desired effect and isn’t likely to help the person change. When

you talk to the person, don’t be condescending or aggressive, calmly point

out the person’s lie(s) with evidence and give them space to react. If the

person admits the lie(s), then they are most likely remorseful. You can

give the person a chance to explain the lie(s).


If the person doesn’t admit the lie after being caught with evidence, then

there is a deeper problem – you are more likely dealing with a compulsive

or pathological liar. You should tread carefully and wisely at this point

because they are unlikely to admit the truth no matter how aggressive you



*Prepare for Resulting Trust Issues*


After being lied to, prepare for the fact that you are likely going to have

difficulty trusting people again because the feeling of betrayal doesn’t

fade easily. At this point, it helps to remember that there are still

honest people in the world, regardless of how few they might be. Remind

yourself that no one deserves to be judged by the mistakes of others –

everyone deserves a chance.


*Protect Yourself*


Dealing with lies can be emotionally exhausting. Ensure that you don’t get

wrapped up in a person’s lies again. Ensure that at every point you always

have a firm grasp on the truth. If things get out of hand and you have to

endure mental and psychological trauma because of a person’s lies, it

advisable to distance yourself from the liar, and in more extreme cases,

cut the person off completely.

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