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Ways To Deal With Job Dissatisfaction





You aren’t happy with your job. You aren’t passionate about it and have to drag yourself out of bed daily to work from morning to evening doing that job, either because you need the money to put food on your table or you can’t handle going back into the job market to begin the job hunting process again.



Try to find out the exact thing about your job that causes the dissatisfaction. Is it the fact that you have to wake up early to go to work? Is the fact that you finish work late? Is it the amount of your salary? Is it the fact that you have no time for yourself? Is it all these things and more? Figure it out. When you identify the source of your job dissatisfaction, it makes it easier to deal with.




If you currently have no choice but to remain in a job that leaves you dissatisfied, don’t just give up and let yourself wallow in misery. Work to build an escape hatch for yourself. It could be taking part-time classes to get another degree or a master’s degree. It could also be starting trainings, attending workshops or writing exams that qualify you for certificates or degrees that can make you eligible for other opportunities

in line with what you desire to do. The crux is to do what you can to ensure that staying in that job is not your only option.




If you can’t take it anymore and staying in the job is depressing you, start investigating opportunities that you can explore, polish your resume, gather the courage and quit the job. The job market might be an uncertain place but you are not going to find a better job if you don’t look for one.


But please don’t rush into this. Think long and hard if this is what you want to do. Have a plan and a back up to support you in case things don’t initially go your way. Use your connections and don’t give up until you succeed.




For those who can’t just up and leave their jobs due to certain responsibilities; for those who, more or less, don’t have a choice but to continue in their jobs, you have to be resilient. Be determined to find a way to make it work. Once you have identified the source of your job dissatisfaction, take steps to either solve the issue(s) completely or alleviate it. Consider who can help you in solving these issues and approach them. If in the end you can’t solve it, accept it (as hard as it might be). But be strong, you have to be strong, decide to change your mindset about the job and find a way to make it work for you. You will be surprised that in the end, you will actually find a way to successfully endure the job until there is a silver lining.

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