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Due to the fact that a large number of recruiters are now on LinkedIn, it is important to understand how to properly utilize the site’s resources to help put your best foot forward to these recruiters. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 7 ways to build a strong LinkedIn profile.

Your Picture

This goes without saying. To build a strong LinkedIn profile, you need a smart and professional looking picture of yourself. You need a profile picture that presents you in the best professional light and that will allow people easily recognize you. A good picture helps to instill a sense of trust or engagement, especially in the minds of headhunters who browse LinkedIn profiles looking for suitable candidates.

Your Headline

You need a good headline to build a strong LinkedIn. Maximize the characters of headline and use them to describe briefly and clearly what you do and who you serve. Try not to just name your job title. For example, rather than just writing ‘Business Development Manager at DIY Corp’, you can write, ‘Business Development Manager at DIY Corp: Essentially identifying and exploiting new business opportunities to bring in revenue’.


Your Summary

The LinkedIn algorithm searches for keywords here, so filling this section with information you know your target audience will be looking for can help strengthen your profile. In your summary, be sure to put in keywords or terms that match those that job seekers and business owners in the industry you aim to work in are looking for. This helps to increase your visibility. Also, try to quantify your achievements with percentages and numbers that are safe for external use. For example, ‘I was able to increase business by 80% or by over 5 times what it was before my arrival’ etc. You can also add some media, like video, pictures, scans or screenshots that gives credence to your claims about who you say you are and what you say you can do.


Your Experience

Aside the experience from your resume, try to share some relevant media to add credence to your claims (like videos, images, presentations or even articles and article links that you have written or that quote you). Adding some media to your profile, even if it’s one or two, makes your profile more attractive and encourages potential viewers of your profile to stay a little while longer on your page, which can ultimately be good for you.


Your Endorsements

Try to get endorsement from your connections for the skills you claim you have. However, be sure not to overdo it with this one. Delete endorsements for skills you don’t have and avoid putting up skills you don’t have in the first place. Reorder your endorsements so the most relevant comes before the least relevant. Try to build up your endorsement numbers for your most important skills by endorsing the skills of others (who will often endorse yours back) and by sending messages to friends, family and other connections to help endorse your skills.


Your Contact Information

Be sure your contact information is up-to-date to make it easier for you to be reached. If you don’t want to use your private numbers, be sure to at least use an active email address that you can be reached through.

Your Updates

Be sure to regularly update your LinkedIn profile with industry news, accomplishments, job changes etc. This can help to increase your visibility and give your network an opportunity to engage with you.

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