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Ways Tech Has Made The Life Of Nigerians Easier




From the beginning of time till date, every human’s effort has been geared towards one purpose: making life less difficult and much more interesting. Over the years, there have been several inventions to that effect, from electricity to the telephone and the invention of other machinery, however, while these inventions were key and have laid foundation to almost everything that exists today, none can match the power and ease that comes with technology.

Many Nigerians have argued that the advent of technology has caused Man more harm than good, as it has made life much more difficult; however, some others have a different view., Africa’s no.1 online hotel booking website lists of 4 ways tech has made the life of Nigerians easier.
Quick and seamless travel

Almost every Nigerian gets excited at the prospect of travelling these days as technology has indeed made the process much easier and faster. From applying for your Visa to booking a ticket, checking in and more, the process is seamless and you do not even have to stress yourself travelling from you home to the airport or bus terminal until the day you are due to travel. You can do everything online! Technology has made available user-friendly apps that have brought down the travel process, to a level that is easily manageable for even a ten year old.

Hands-on Education

Thanks to technology, you really do not even have to go to enroll in a university or register to an institution to learn the basic skills you need. Aside from the opportunities to gain your degrees online, you can get basic training for different vocation and acquire certain skills just by following a tutor free on Youtube. There are also numerous DIY clips which equip Nigerians with basic skills which would have otherwise required apprenticeship.

Better communication

You no longer need to write long letters or wait for weeks before you get a reply via airmail. Technology has ensured that you can send your messages to your target in split seconds and get response equally as fast via e-mails. Also, with social media, there are more opportunities to keep in touch and share information with a wider spectrum. Memos, newsletters and brochures can be shared within organizations with just the touch of a finger. In fact, you can even get apps and templates that make all the writing and sharing process so much easier and faster.

Stree-free shopping

Nigerians love to shop and thanks to technology, they can now sit in one spot and buy all that they need to buy, and then also have it delivered at their doorstep. From as little as pen to a large as a deep freezer, even including perishable goods like frozen turkey and tomatoes, you can get almost anything from the convenience of your own home…and huge perk is that there are better discounts online as well.





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