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ways to spot a dysfunctional workplace




A dysfunctional company is one that can be said to have a ‘foot in the grave’, meaning its eventual closure is eminent. However, ‘dysfunctionality’ in an organization is not latent and can be very much spotted by looking out for some of the signs of a dysfunctional workplace. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares some of the ways to spot a dysfunctional workplace.

Communication Problems

When there is an alarming prevalence of communication problems often between employers and supervisors, or between management and different departments as well as across different departments, you’re most likely dealing with a dysfunctional company. As a result of these communication problems, issues such as misunderstandings, giving of misleading information, disagreements etc. would be the order of the day.


Inconsistent Policies

This usually manifests in the ignorance of all or most of the company’s employees about what exactly the company is about and what exactly the goals/objectives of business are. Chaos, inconsistency and poor quality (especially in service delivery) usually follows, and customers, vendors and employees end up hating having to deal with the company and its staff.


Narcissistic Leaders

Their leaders are all about themselves and rarely give subordinates opportunities to shine, develop themselves and be better. As a result of this, there is usually little trust for the leaders in the workplace and high turnover rates as teamwork deteriorates.


High Turnover

Like has been briefly talked about in the above sub-topic, poor leadership as well as a weak company culture are the major contributors to high turnover in companies. It’s really a bad sign, one of the major signs of a dysfunctional management and is something you need to take note of when dealing with any company.

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